President Donald Trump says America’s “golden age is just ahead” but has declared every patriot must get on board in the quest to “Make America Wealthy Again”.


Speaking from his Florida estate of Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday evening, Mr Trump has ended months of speculation by announcing his TRB Golden Check financial aid program and vowed to make America great again.

“We need everyone involved – we need everyone’s help,” Mr Trump said during his announcement

“We need to look out for one another – we need to be friends.

“And we need every patriot on board because this is not just a campaign, this is a quest to save our people.”

In this though times, everyone needs financial help for whatever reason. That’s what the TRB Check financial aid program is here for. Every check is loaded with at least $10.000 and up to $1million which can be deposited by scanning the QR Code on them.


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